Vern, from Portage Coal and Dock Co. is waiting for
Mr. Paoli to unlock the coal door so he can unload that ton of coal.
I have not seen this feature implemented by modelers.
Neither have the kit or detail manufactures provided us with this important
detail that was part of every building in the coal fuel days. In the event
you don’t know what I’m talking about, Notice the black steel housing with
cover at the base of the ladder. The cover lifts up and a chute (laying
on ground) is used to transfer coal from the dump truck into the basement
coal bin.
  You can see the coal truck at lower left with
our #1131 Extra Fine Coal which is appropriate for HO scale stoker coal.
These trucks had a small door in the center of the tailgate for metering
the coal into the chute.

This set of Downtown Deco building are still being worked
on but I wanted to see how the wall sign looked through the camera. Much
aging was done to it before I glued on.

   The sign says, OLSON WATCH An official watch repair
station for the Santa Fe RR.
Every railroad employee had to know the exact railroad
time. Watch repair businesses were under contract by the railroads to fix
or exchange the faulty time pieces in convenient locations such as this

The vines growing on the building is our #8 Green Flock.

   Our second block of downtown Deco buildings is now