Up front are a few Downtown Deco buildings on the layout for a new
urban setting. The theme is “My Home Town” of Calumet MI. All
the business names have been changed to represent this. This is an example
of how you can personalize your own layout by picking and choosing from
the many commercial kits that are available.
 Our Salvation Army building was on the corner of Fifth and Oak
Street and much bigger than this model. After the second World War, my mother
and oldest sister would go there and pick through the wool garments for
braided rug material.

The family shoe store was located one block to the left but it can
be here for now. They had one of those foot X-ray machines that was supposed
to tell if your new shoes fit right. My younger sister claimed it was all
a hoax because her shoes were always too tight and that caused her to get
“hammer toes”. She said that they were always trying to sell shoes
to small for you so you would need new shoes sooner.

You heard of the brokerage house called “Paine Weber Jackson
and Curtis”? It all started in Calumet by the gentlemen of Paine and
Weber as the Copper Country of Northern Michigan was the biggest mining
operation at the time. My father and others did their stock trading there.
This all started before the automobile was invented and then mostly produced
in lower Michigan.

Maki’s Market was on East Pine street but I placed it here as businesses
often relocated around town anyway. Most of my friends lived on that side
of town so we went there for pop and ice cream.