Using a Downtown Deco Kit to model the boarded up ARLINGTON HOTEL

I have started a project of modeling a portion of the my neighborhood from the old home in Northern Michigan. This Downtown Deco kit comes close to the old Arlington Hotel on Eight and Oak street a block from the Mineral Range depot in Calumet.

A little extra "white wash" gives the model a ghostly appearance that is fitting for mystical boarded up building. It will also be in the background of of the town and that light wash forces it to appear more distant. This is an old John Allen trick that I picked up on when studding his pictures. Different light changes the weathering of the brick. Number 1410 Sunset Orange with a tad of 1400 Desert Varnish was mixed into turpentine for the brick color. A wash was later applied out of artist oil white diluted in turpentine. The lower level corner business will be Mc Donald's News Stand where my Father walked to for the Sunday paper.