The Species of trees depend on the life zone
The Southwest is broken down into seven life zones.
Dry Desert, Low Desert, High Desert, Transition, Canadian, Hudsonian and
Arctic. The trees modeled below would be found in the High Desert to the
Transition life zones. The elevation ranges for these zones are between
5,000 to 7,000 feet and will vary a thousand feet depending on North or
South slopes. This is the average range of elevation that the Santa Fe Railroad
mainline is in Arizona and New Mexico. Knowing that a model only varies
a few inches to a couple feet, species of trees used will enforce the illusion
of different elevations. The color chosen is an olive green for a dry season
look. Another part of my layout will have lusher green trees, but that’s
another story.

#3 Dead & Alive Foliage and #7 Flock

Tree armature made from Cedar


#6 Green Wool and #7 Flock

Tree armature is Sage Bush

 Cedar (Utah Juniper)

#3 Dead & Alive Foliage and #7 Flock

Tree armature is Sage


#6 Green Wool and #7 Flock

Small Sage armature


#6 Green Wool and #7 Flock

Tiny Sage armature

 Sage Bush

#6 Green Wool and #7 Flock

Tooth pick armature

 The tree foliage is made with our new foliage products.
The Back drop is Flagstaff area with those cold Life Zones of Canadian,
Hudsonian and the above timber line “Arctic”.