2014-03-25 05.03.33

The car above is a door prize I selected as it’s a “Train Miniature” produce. All my freight cars are Athearn as they were cheap at the time and proved to be more Kadee coupler frendly that the other brands. I model Santa Fe, but a few off road cars ad interest to the train movements. you can tell it needs at least some weathering to get rid of the “new look”.

I went to the swap meet to see the old boys again and look only for antiques, One particular vendor that’s there every year always has something I just got to have, didn’t fail me. I consider an Ambroid model an antique, so I bought it for $5.00. This was also a box of sticks that took some time to build but gave me a more quality model than the typical plastic freight car.

2014-03-25 05.03.22