For years I have used clump foliage to repesent Sage Brush which is fine in most instances. For close up scenes they look toy like and thought they should look more realistic. I have used natural wood twigs for this in the past, but find out they break easily. Jute Twine string teated with Linseed oil, Turpintine and gray pigment is the first step that I allow to dry over several days. Small mixing bottles with lids work best for this. The next color coat is with Elmers Glue, Raw Sienna and water again shaken up in a jar with the twine. I pull the twin through my finges to disperse the glue and pigment into the twine fibers. This is allowed to dry a day or so. You now have a Sage armature this is stiff, has a shaggy texture but will not break.


  1. Cut with scissors into one inch pieces.
  2. Use the back side of an X-Acto blade to separatethe fibers into two or three branches 

    3. Pull off tiny tuffs of the woll

    material into pea size pieces.

    4. Apply a dab of gloe to the branch tips.


    5. Apply the wool to the branch tips.


    6. Poke holes in a piece of Styrofoam and plant the sage for flocking. Spray the Sage with hair spray and add the flock.


    7. After flocking, spray the Sage again to secure the flock. Make random holes in your scenery, add a drop of glue and plant the Sage.