Building a Campbell model without buying the kit
This is possible when the structure is made up of corrugated
aluminum, windows, doors, chimney, barrels, and plastic stair stringers
are on hand. I cut some of my own strip wood on a table saw and also have
some of their milled siding. My model is not exact because I didn’t have
the drawing and only a one angle view similar to the first picture on this
Richmond Barrel Manufacturing Co. 
Kit # 422
The structure measures 7-1/4″ X 3-3/4″ as
I left off the small shed roof room at the building rear. The old rule of
small and tall allows us to fit more structures on a layout. Compare this
to the crossing shanty in the foreground that is only 2- 1/2 x 1-3/4″
in size.
  The outside stair case and landings give the otherwise
simple structure added charm. The stair stringer length was determined for
planing the landing heights and position before construction. The fact that
I have constructed homes for a living give me and edge over the average
modeler in building models. I now just have to look at something, make a
few calculations of the particulars and then make it.
  Get that camera way down
low to visualize your work from grade level. I intentionally wanted the
“dirty” window effect so I found and easy way. You know that clear
box tape I use for wrapping up the packagers I send you? Apply this to the
inside of the windows sticky side out. Apply dull coat to that sticky surface
and slop it around with the application brush. This will seal the gum and
keep the unavoidable dust from sticking to it and keep them looking the
same long after you finish the model.
 Will I ever use corrugated metal and not weather
it? I am now trying to establish a technique with specific steps that can
be relayed to others. I did it on this model for this effect.