A couple months age I bought on ebay the empty box of Houligans Alley that contained the color picture and most of the instructions. I made the 3/8’s plywood base a few inches longer than George Sellios suggested so a narrow cross street could be at each end. This project also provided an opportunity to use up some extra scratch building parts that have accumulated over the years. The building locations were marked on the plywood and then the cardboard sidewalks glued in place. All was coated with my #1290 Concrete Paving Material except where you see the #1200 Cajon Powder in place to represent earth.

A couple of the structures are made from mat board anyway like the far building and the low flat roof one next the the side walk. The “all” white one in the middle was mocked up in mat board to see how the finnished clapboard one would fit.


The overall effect of this scratch built scene comes close to the George Sellios model. A few things are tweaked as AZ Rock products were used for the scenery.


I used my #1250 pink granite powder as a stucco material for this structure. The exposed brick is from a plastic brick sheet I had on hand. #1340 Green powder was applied to the strips of roof paper. #1460 Green Pigment was brushed on for a brighter color.


To much light washes out the correct color from the shot above. This must be the alley part of Houligan’s Alley.


The mostly 2 story clap board structure is in place with the detail waiting to be applied. The center center building is also close to being finished.


The Concrete paving Material was not trawled perfectly flat as I wanted the surface to appear eroded.


You would have to live in a Finnish community to know how to pronounce the name “Rajala” (rye’ah’la). Can one still buy “Cleats” anywhere? The sound of them on pavement lets others know your coming.


Names have not been given to some of the buildings yet.