All Harvey Hotels were track side
Ours is a Harvey Lunch Room along the mainline and a great place to
grab a chair and cup of coffee to watch trains. The railroad financed the
construction of the Harvey Co. facilities and the agreement allowed all
Santa Fe employees a discount on meals. Our trains frequently stop at such
places so the crews can catch a bite to eat and a cup of coffee. There is
also a “News Stand” to grab a magazine or newspaper. My interest
favors automotive stuff so I place more importance on the servicing of the
old Packard Harvey Cars you see in the foreground scenery. I spent 17 years
working on the latter day Harvey Cars when living at the Grand Canyon before
moving to Paulden Arizona.

To Start with, the area on this side of the tracks, has acres of space
( 10 “) with an up-front scene for a gas station. It’s a kit I built
thirty years ago, and its found a new home. The service station does some
of the service work on the Fred Harvey “Harvey Cars” used for
the “Indian Detours” motor trips in the Southwest. The building
across the street is the Harvey Car garage.

A Weaver Twin Post hoist was scratch built from brass and can be raised
or lowered. I had one of these hoists (Weaver) in my shop as a car or light
truck could have easy repair access for the transmission and drive line.
The front hoist cylinder slides fore and aft on a track so it can be adjusted
to fit the length of each car. The sign post was done likewise from brass.
The perimeters of the street and driveway were made with concrete (#1290
Powder) curbs, gas station drive way and work area slabs.

The road crosses the tracks with the crossing protected with grade
crossing flashers from Oregon Rail and a detector from Circitron because
I like the action.

When modeling a full service gas station, How many folks forget to
install the bell ringer hose across the pump island?

In Arizona, we do some service work outside as the sun shines most
of the year and it seldom rains. We wear glove in the summer because the
tools laying in the sun get so hot you can’t touch them. JL Innovative makes
several details that pick up the action for this scene. My policy is building
at least one Jordan vehicle for every new scene. The green 32 Ford 5 window
Hot Rod coupe was the kit selected this time. You’ll see these same vehicles
in different scenes. After all, don’t your people drive from place to place
on your layout?

A few extra details were added in this lower
The Fred Harvey lunch room (the arched structure) just received a
coat of lighter paint and is now complete except for some signs. The Santa
Fe depot and freight house in the upper picture is finished except for detail
junk and people. The depot was inspired by the one in Winslow Arizona and
is still served by Amtrak.

The next project is to work about a 2 foot area to the right of this
scene with , “again”, most of the detail up front.