My version of “Dexters Dead End”.
Building this kit was challenging and rewarding.
George Sellios’s instructions were followed for every step (with a couple
exceptions) so I could learn his techniques. This module was photographed
in my back yard where my own rock crushing junk shows up in the background.

 I elected to have an old beat up brick street. This
forced me to use my #1290 Concrete Paving Material for the sidewalk curb
to fill in the gaps. The track was ballasted with #1012 Red Cinder and our
#5 and #6 Grass was used in the scene.

 Gas Pumps and a bulk oil pump from JL Innovative
Design were placed on this short sidewalk. The Garage from the kit is in
the background. The brick color was a mixture of my red and orange pigment
then darkened with India Ink/alcohol solution just like George says. Always
let the color coats dry before using the alcohol stain.

The back side of the Walker Paint Building is landscaped
with our #102 Earth and randomly covered with #2 Dead and Alive Ground Foliage.
Clippings of #3 & #4 grass were then applied randomly around everything.
The tin roof is chalked with our # 1410 Sunset Orange pigment.

 I built my module so the building pad was two inches
higher than the layout. The Styrofoam was then tapered down for the street
to dump out at layout level. This view really makes that slight elevation
change dramatic. The four ground rocks are from one of my plaster rock
scenery kits.