We have been in business 22 years providing scenery materials from natural stone products. The product line started out with 18 colors and expanded over the years to over 180 products. I am also selling my personal collection of HO structures and rolling stock to down size my life.



Why we decided to go out of business?


Our intention was to completely get out and shut the doors. We operated successfully for 22 years only because our products were something that the hobby needed for many years. Sales went up every year year until they leveled off last year. You could say that we were a growing company in a declining market. The sales that were generated by our close-out sale told me I did the right thing. The hobby is dead from a full time business point of view. Those of you that purchased product, recived it at below market price. When you can’t pay the bills working at full production it means that the store price must go up.


Hundreds of modelers and several stores have contacted me and encouraged me to stay on. They would like to purchase product in the future because we do have the very best. Like most people, they are short of cash to make a large purchase for future needs. Many modelers have started with my product and can’t find the colors anywhere else. We now sell more on the internet than ever before.